Welcome to the Connecticut Geothermal Association Blog. CT Geo is a trade association, made up of geothermal heat pump installers, geoexchange well drillers and loop installers, engineers, system designers, equipment manufacturers, and equipment suppliers. The mission of the Connecticut Geothermal Association and its membership is to promote public awareness and use of ground source heat pump technology in Connecticut through education and communication. We do this by: improving public awareness; by educating installers, builders and designers; by providing information exchange including performance data, case studies and rebate information; and by representing the industry in relevant local and state legislative affairs. This blog will help us to address a few of these goals through a user-friendly library of topics geared toward different audiences. Some of the topics will be covered in multiple blogs. Topics will be viewed from different points of view, each geared toward the intended readers.

The first series of Blogs is intended for real estate agents but could also be useful for people looking to buy an existing house that already has a geothermal system installed.

The second set of Blogs is intended for HVAC technicians who might not normally work on geothermal systems but want to know more, in case they need to work on one at a service call, or if they just want to understand more about the design and operation of these systems.

Eventually, we would like to include Blogs on pairing solar with geothermal, as well as information for engineers, architects, well drillers, including some videos of installations.


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