Connecticut Geothermal Association

Connecticut Geothermal Association

The Net Zero GEOthermal Workshop




The Connecticut Geothermal Association is hosting "The Net Zero GEOthermal Workshop" along with Media partner FOX 61. Energize CT, The Connecticut Green Bank, ACS-Aeroseal, Appropriate Design, and Evergreen Energy will also be partnering to provide homeowners a glimpse of energy saving technologies for heating and cooling their homes. The event is open to the public and will be held March 18th at the Energize CT center in North Haven, CT.  Please check back for more information as we approach the show date.


CT Geo has awarded two $500.00 scholarships to students at Connecticut Trade Schools.  Find details under the 'Resources', then 'Learn More' tab.

CT Geo is proud to be a partner in the Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut's newest partner home. CT Geo's members donated materials, equipment, and labor to install a geothermal system in Northwest CT Habitat's newest home.  That system is up and running, with performance posted on-line, in real time, at  Click on Live Demo Sites, then click on the CT Geo logo.






Welcome to the Connecticut Geothermal Association

The purpose of the Connecticut Geothermal Association is to promote and enhance ground source heating and cooling systems for new and existing buildings throughout the Constitution State.

Our mission is to develop the ground source (also known as geothermal) industry.
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